Carkuda Telematics Devices

Carkuda devices are equipped with rich features for end users
We dream our success by building up partners' first
DVR(Digital Video Recorder)

DVR(Digital Video Recorder)


  • Carkuda supports FHD/HD video recording

  • DVR video clip duration can be customized: 1 min, 3 min, 5 min etc.

  • Live video preview on corner of screen

  • Light sensitive CMOS sensor  for night lowlight situation

  • Mute/un-mute recording for privacy purpose

  • Auto-white balance

  • Settings for brightness

  • Instant start/stop recording

  • On-mirror video playback

  • G-Sensor auto lock for collision detection

  • Dedicated file manager for photos, videos, locked video

  • Automatically recycle historical video space for new recording

  • Flexible SD card size: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB(Specified models)

Online&Offline Navigations

Online&Offline Navigations

Complete, Detailed Navigation Maps

  • Online navigations: Google map, Waze

  • Offline navigations: MapFactor, NaviTel,Sygic, HERE etc.

  • Officially established map data suppliers

  • Fast/Sensitive GPS signal receiving

  • Realtime traffic route planning(*online models only)

  • Pre-loaded map data for offline navigations

  • Customizable navigations for different countries

  • Map update available(*cost various)

Smartphone App Enabled

Smartphone App Enabled

Truly Telematics Connections

  • Key Features:

  • Engine monitoring for ACC on/off: datetime, location

  • GPS tracking, with speed data, daily statistics

  • Live images from camera feed

  • Datetime sorted album photos

  • Powerful, yet easy to use smartphone applications

  • Ready for iOS and Android phones

  • User account management

  • Multiple vehicles management

  • Vehicle and device binding

  • Authorization management for tracking data

  • Secured access to cloud data

  • Free cloud space for one year tracking data history

Bluetooth Handsfree

Bluetooth Handsfree

Clear Voices, Stable Connections

  • Bluetooth BLE connections

  • Hands free phone calls

  • Automatic connection with synchronized phones

  • Clear voice

  • Stable connections

Reverse Parking Video

Reverse Parking Video

Universal AV-IN

  • Universal AV-IN

  • Fast respond time to gear change

  • Automatic switching when in reverse gear

  • Reverse signal line offered

Photo Snapshots

Photo Snapshots

Instant, Fast, Synchronized

  • Instant photo taking

  • Software button on mirror

  • Snapshots saved into SD card

  • Automatic synchronization with cloud space

  • Smartphone view photo albums

  • Image stabilization

SOS Request

SOS Request

Assisting SMS, Email with coordinate

  • SOS software button on mirror

  • Email alerts setup in smartphone app

  • SMS alerts setup in mirror

  • Dual emergency contact persons

  • Pre-set wording to emergency contact persons


  • SOS feature is an assisting function, it can not replace emergency call

  • SOS email alerts depends on data network connection

  • SOS email may be rejected due to receipts'  spam mail policy

  • SOS SMS depends on SIM card function and phone signals

  • Carkuda do not guarantee the delivery of SOS alerts

  • Carkuda do not undertake Liability

Multiple Networks

Multiple Networks

Wi-Fi, 2G,3G,4G

  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, WAP supported

  • 2G GSM at 900MHz/1800MHz


  • 4G LTE FDD/TDD at 2600MHz(*M4-7-S model only)

  • Automatic signal network switching

FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter

Enjoy Existing Car Audio System

  • Tunable frequency for radio sound

  • All sounds can be re-direct to car radio system

  • If FM is turned on, the on-device speaker will be muted

Dual Camera Recording

Dual Camera Recording

Front, Back Recording, Total Safety

  • 4G models only

  • 1080P+720P dual camera recording simultaneously

  • Extra AV-IN for reverse parking video

  • Motion detection ability

Universal Mounting

Universal Mounting

Bracket, Belt, Magnetic

  • Large number of special bracket type covers most of cars(>90%)

  • Belt mounting for after market installation

  • Magnetic installation for fast setups

Open App Extensions

Open App Extensions

Unlimited Software Combinations

  • Google Play available for end users

  • Pre-installed app for special purpose devices

  • Third-party cooperations for app extensions on mirror devices

  • White list

  • Black list

Free Cloud Services

Free Cloud Services

GPS tracking, Engine Record, Albums

  • Carkuda offers free cloud space

  • GPS tracking, 3 seconds per stamp

  • Safety tracking records

  • G-sensor events records

  • Photo snapshots records

  • Vehicle data

  • User account data

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